Your personal safety and security are of the utmost importance to Charlottesville Parking Center, but we also ask your cooperation to ensure that all facilities remain safe and secure for you, our customers. Below is a description of our safety system.

  • A 24-hour closed circuit television surveillance system with a tape backup allowing us to monitor activities within the confines of our building.
  • Security Service monitors a Blue Light Alarm Emergency Telephone Service throughout our facilities as seen in the picture to the left. This system automatically activates at the push of a button and connects you to a person at the security service desk who will be able to answer questions or respond to emergencies. This person is fully authorized to dispatch Police or Emergency Services to your location.
  • Charlottesville Parking Center, Inc. monitors a fire alarm system throughout the building using pull bars. 
  • Security Service monitors an emergency, handicap access telephone in both elevators. These telephones are placed in easy handicap access and are operated by a single push button. A security company will be automatically notified.
  • Charlottesville Parking Center, Inc. provides our building lock-down service closing time, which seals the building during the off-periods for the protection of your vehicle (if left overnight or for the week-end).  You will be unable to access the building and retrive your car without calling for assistance.  (This does not include the private basement area in the Water Street Garage; -- see your instructions or call us for information).

Even with these systems in place, we ask that you contribute to your own safety:

  • It is important to be aware of your proximity to persons that you may not be comfortable with (at times this might suggest an alternate path to your automobile or waiting for the next elevator).
  • It is important to be aware of the location of television cameras, and fire alarms.
  • It is also important to be aware of the emergency; handicap telephones in the elevators and their usage.

If a serious issue occurs, please call the 911 operator directly and immediately.  In case of any other disturbance please assist your fellow parker and us by IMMEDIATELY notifying the Booth Attendant of the situation that appears to be a problem. It is better that we be made aware of any possible situations, even if it is a very minor incident. We would like you to allow the booth attendant (that is trained for these situations) to take whatever steps necessary.  Please do not get involved, but REMOVE YOURSELF from the situation and follow the instruction of the Attendant or the Official that is taking charge.