monthly parking

Gate Operation

For your safety, please follow the instructions below when entering and exiting our facilities:

For the Water Street Garage: monthly parkers must display their hang tag in front of their rear view mirror to raise the gate. If you do not have a rear view mirror, the hang tag must be placed on a visible spot on your dashboard to be read by the sensor above the gate. If you are a monthly parker using a hard tag, please wave your hard tag in front of the sensor above the gate. Your hang tag or hard tag must be used to enter and exit the parking garage each and every time. If you have problems with your hang or hard tag, please contact our office.  

For the Water Street Parking Garage Reserved Area:  monthly parkers must use their clicker to raise the gate and enter the reserved section. Your clicker must be used to enter and exit the parking garage each and every time. If you have problems, please contact our office.

For our facilities: Always allow the gate to complete the cycle for the car in front of you, that is, to come completely down before you proceed to raise the gate. Failure to do this can result in the gate lowering on your car. CPC, Inc. is not responsible for damage to your car or person due to improper or fraudulent use of your monthly tag or card.